Are you ready to thrive, Mama? In your life and mothering.

Do you have fire in your belly, beckoning you to stand in the center of your life from the most powerful version of yourself?

Are you ready to be fully in your mothering from a values-aligned place of clarity and confidence?

These are uncertain and rapidly changing times we live in; it's time we occupy our strongest foundation at home. 

Sage Mothering is all about wise-mothering for modern times!

The women who come to Sage Mothering are committed conscious mamas, yoga instructors, doulas, therapists, teachers, coaches...

One thing they ALL have in common is a strong calling in their heart to do mothering in a way that aligns powerfully with their values and heart-calling. 

I'm guessing the same is true for you.


Is it time you got to the heart of the matter?

  • Would you like to have an open and loving relationship with your child AND feel respected? 

  • Would you like the tools to {successfully} lead with love? In all your relationships.

  • Do you crave feeling more empowered in life and mothering? 

  • Want to feel solidly on path, aligned? 

  • Would you love more clarity about when, why and how to set boundaries?


  • Do you long to circle with a mama-tribe of your peers?

  • Are you ready to elevate your mothering?

Mothering can be deeper, sweeter and fully aligned, but most of us weren't given the tools to honor our needs, engage in peaceful conflict resolution, fill our cup, do our meaningful work and hold healthy boundaries while being a loving mother. 

Mothering is the best catalyst for growth I know which is why I’m crazy-wild for the work that I do with mamas like you.

I’m Mariah Joy Belt, Conscious Mothering Guide. I’ve helped hundreds of wise-women, parents and mentors cultivate long-lasting, deeply connected relationships with their children and more peace and calm in their homes.

Sage Mothering began three years ago with a group of ten women and has grown tremendously. It’s the beautiful weaving of the work I do with private clients and the energetics that only a strong sacred community of women can create.

This is hands down, my all-time favorite journey to guide.

The outcome has been deeply awe-inspiring. Empowering insights. Freeing life-shifts. Deep healing. Heart opening re-bonding. Amazing mama-sister tribe. Transformation and lots of joy.

And we’re just about to open the doors to our very best Sage Mothering journey, ever. With brilliant Sage Guest Contributors joining us, a wonderful support team, and a heart-centered mission to truly bring more consciousness to the way we BE in our mothering!

This is intentional transformation. And what I know from seeing this transformation again and again, is:

  • A relationship with your child that is warm, loving and respecting is possible.


  • You can handle conflict in a way that builds your relationship up rather than tearing it down.

  • You can have a mothering practice that enhances the excellence you bring to all the other areas of your life and relationships.

  • You can create space to fill your cup and BE the mother you want to be for your children. 

  • You can feel more fully present. 

  • You can enjoy more alignment, joy, ease, fun and confidence in your mothering!

Sage Mothering is anchored by:

  • Energy Alchemy: transforming what no longer serves into what does through inner-healing, daily grounding, energy clearing, metaphor, story and more. The Energy Alchemy anchor is a bundle of powerful tools for maintaining our optimal state of being.
  • Conscious Relationship Practices: navigating conflict peacefully, holding space for feelings, having empowered conversations, repairing past relationship ruptures, the art of empathy and more. Many Sage Mothers find these tools are beneficial and life changing in all areas of their life.
  • North Star Navigation: your values-aligned guide to setting limits peacefully, holding boundaries, teaching your child to have healthy boundaries, honoring your whole authenic self and needs. Your North Star becomes the guide you will use when the seas get choppy and it's hard to get your bearings straight.
  • Ritual and Rhythm: practices for creating and embellishing conscious family culture, includes core routines and practices to build connection to self, each other and nature. These are the riverbanks that hold us so we can flow more freely with ease.
  • Community: A strong circle of women to share this tender journey of mothering with. Sage Mothering draws an energized circle of women who are committed to showing up fully to life, mothering and service. Lasting sister-bonds are made here.

A Quick Overview of the Journey:

  • A nine-month journey.
  • Three trimesters each bearing distinct transformation and learning. 
  • Accessible, virtual, format for your busy-mama life!  
  • Practical tools to implement right away. 
  • Deep insight and pattern transformation 
  • Twice-monthly live group coaching calls with Mariah 
  • A tremendous wealth of wisdom shared by our Sage Guest Contributors. 
  • A strong, dedicated tribe of supportive mama-sisters 
  • Ongoing support from Mariah
  • SPECIAL BONUS: A fourth "trimester" of integration support (making this journey a full year of support). 
  • Our most affordable tuition price, ever! 

Who is a Sage Mother, you ask? 

A Sage Mother is one who is willing to call forth the wisdom in her heart and bones. She’s willing to smudge off what’s no longer serving and make space for a more aligned, heart-centered way of being. She’s willing to ask for help and acquire new skills. 

A Sage Mother knows that mothering is not a destination, but a practice to stay engaged with. 

During our nine-month journey the Sage Mother in you will emerge, ready to "Lead with Love." You'll have the tools to live in relationship-with your children and no longer utilize parenting tactics of the dominant power-over paradigm. You'll know the North Star that guides your mothering decisions and effectively use your new navigational tools to stay on course.

A Sage Mother knows in her heart-of-hearts that peace begins at home and our greatest work is done in the here and now – not later!

How does the Sage Mothering journey unfold? 

The Sage Mothering journey is nine months of healing, clearing, cultivating new mothering tools, consciously creating the relationship you want with your children, and a home-life that works. Each trimester has been intentionally synched with the seasons to allow the natural rhythms to support your transformation process. You will feel held and supported through the whole journey.

Here in our first trimester we begin with the preparations, getting acquainted, and being lovingly oriented. During this inward season we are tending our hearth-fires, readying the soil for growth!

This trimester we will:

  • Make preparations for the Sage journey, and familiarize ourselves with what lies ahead. 
  • Set our informed mothering intentions to guide us forward. 
  • Get consciously familiar with where mothering is today, in our own homes and in the larger context of society. 
  • Understand shame, blame, and manipulation so we can do without. 
  • Explore brain science as it relates to how we mother.
  • Gain understanding of the developing mind of our wee-ones and how we can help sculpt healthy brains through our everyday interactions. 
  • Tell your own childhood story and bring new freedom to writing the one you want for your children. 
  • Release ties with that which no longer serves you so you can experience more presence in the here and now. 
  • Shift life-stories and take the creative reins. 
  • Shedding layers, making space, healing wounds and so much more!

in our second trimester we are learning powerful connection tools and reaping the rewards as our practice breathes new-life into our mothering!  

This trimester we will: 

  • Acknowledge a shift in relationships. 
  • Learn the power of our beliefs and become the conscious co-creator of our experience.
  • Learn the mindset practice that will hold the door open for our children’s highest good.
  • Take a deep dive into learning all about growing emotional intelligence. 
  • Enter a new level of understanding yourself and your child.
  • Understand child development, your child’s unique temperament, human needs and how that affects behavior. 
  • Navigate conflict with the four-part S.A.G.E. process. 
  • Offer yourself a new level of self-care and self-empathy. 
  • Learn new practices for grounding and managing your energy in the eye of the storm. 
  • Understand boys! Yup, because…we’re all women and they are different! 
  • Work with sibling conflict peacefully while actually building emotional intelligence and invaluable life-skills. 
  • Repair any rupture that has occurred in your past relationship with your child and learn when and how to use this process in the future. 

In our third trimester all our inner work, connection practices, and intention come together in a grounded everyday way with new family dynamics, new energy, more joy and ease. This is where our leadership shines bringing our vision to reality.

 This trimester we will: 

  • Learn to have Empowered Conversations in your primary adult relationships, communicate your needs and wants and model healthy adult communication. 
  • Create your unique North Star – you will continue to use this to navigate, towards your most true life. 
  • Identify your support system, and how to begin building or strengthening your tribe. Because, it takes a village. 
  • Illuminate your true core values and how to live more closely aligned with them. 
  • Learn the process of setting limits based on family values. 
  • Learn how to live with healthy boundaries, for thriving humans! 
  • Create a plan for a family rhythm that supports you and calms the chaos of modern life. 
  • Stay the course and learn what to do with the thoughts and expectation from others. 
  • Bringing it all together – effectively Leading with Love! 
  • Resources to get you off to a summer of fun in the sun full of joy and family bonding! 

After any time of transformation there is a season of integration, soaking it all in, staying the course. It’s my commitment to stand with you in your season of integration. That’s why we added this bonus, fourth "trimester". 

  • Count on one monthly integration group coaching call with Mariah for each of the three months of integration. Designed to help you stay the course in your desired way of mothering.  
  • Receive continued support in the course forum. 
  • Sage Ceremony to honor the passage of a tremendous year, celebrate your journey, and welcome in the next group of mothers. A beautiful closing of the loop!

Are you ready to step fully into mothering the way you desire?

This is a powerful time of change we live in, it's a time that calls all of us to truly be the change we wish to see. It's a time that is calling each of us to rise and lead with love. Our biggest and most impactful work begins at home as wise women raising strong humans. And to that end, a supportive tribe is invaluable - I hope you will join us.  

Our next journey begins February 2018

“One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore...” Andre Gide

What’s included! And how it’s delivered

This nine-month journey will help you become more confident, have deeper clarity, and a fully equipped mama-toolkit for living and mothering in a powerfully aligned way. You will be guided and supported every step of the way with:

  • Group coaching calls with Mariah twice a month. This is where you can join us live to ask all your questions. And not to worry, these sessions are always recorded in case you aren’t available to join us live. These sessions are full of giggles, unexpected gems, rich dialogue and sometimes cleansing tears. Accessible anywhere you have phone service.

  • Monthly sage emails delivering all that you need to navigate the month ahead in one tidy, easy-to-find place. 

  • Weekly love note, journal prompts inviting you to go deeper, encouragement, and extra nuggets, too! These will also arrive in your inbox.  

  • A course format and flow that honors your busy-mama life. Class materials are delivered monthly in the form of audio recordings, video, journal prompts, and PDF workbooks and handouts all organized and easily accessible in our online course classroom! 

  • Guided meditations to help you shift into a more grounded, present you.

  • Conscious family practices to help you cultivate the reality you want to be living.

  • Effective, grounded tools for navigating conflict, setting limits, deep listening, meaningful communication, building emotional intelligence, repairing past relationship ruptures, managing your mama-energy, engaging in regular self-care and so much more.

  • Core routines to deepen your connection to self, joy, gratitude, nature, and of course, your beloveds!

  • Ongoing support and guidance you can lean on throughout the journey. You will be held in such a loving container of non-judgment all the way from start to finish. The humor and ease that always emerge in these groups is a true testament to the collective atmosphere that is co-created in community.
  • Sage Guest Contributors to inspire and encourage you along the way. I am grateful beyond words for the wisdom each of these generous contributors brings to our journey here. Your experience will be elevated by their contribution.


  • A strong, committed, community of like-minded mamas to call sisters. You will feel encouraged, and buoyed by a whole new tribe of wonderful women in your life! 

  • AND… A WHOLE FOURTH TRIMESTER! We are offering a bonus trimester of continued support to allow you ample time to integrate the journey with full support. 

Sage Guest Contributors

I couln't be more excited to introduce these masterful guides, each one brings with them a wealth of knowledge and experience in their area of expertise. My gratitude for their willingness to join us on this journey is overflowing. I can't wait to share their golden nuggets of wisdom with you!

Arriya Kingrey. Founder of Real Results Mentoring; creator of SoulSpeak - Speak Your Truth, Live Your Truth, LEAD Your Change (TM).

She supports evolving leaders and change makers to Leverage the Unseen Influences impacting their success so they can create great change in the world. 

Sage Contribution: Understanding how your akashic records can help you understand yourself and your children on an even deeper level.

Janet Allison. Founder of Boys Alive! Author, educator, family coach. 

She helps parents and teachers acquire the knowledge and strategies they need to confidently guide boys to success. 

Sage Contribution: New insights about gender differences, helping you better understand the boys AND men in your life. 

Jill Doneen Clifton. Body Wisdom Mystic. Founder of Luminous Muse Healing.

Jill has an academic background in biology and training in the healing art of Bioenergy Balancing. 

Sage Contribution: Understading your body wisdom, bridging the wisdom of biochemistry with the body's energy fields for true healing. 

Nissa Howard. Huntress, Soul Crafter, Sacred Individualist. Trail guide through the wilderness of the inner world. 

Utilizing tools ranging from mindfulness, shamanic practices, sacred sound medicine, bone readings, common sense, and straight up sacred rebellion she helps women shift, shake, build, create, and break free. 

Sage Contribution: Connecting to deep inner wisdom with sacred sound, shaking off what no longer serves, living our most vital self.

Lindsay Pera. Mystic mama. Tech Entrepreneur. Wellness “Inspirer-in-Chief.” Founder of The Mystics Society - a safe haven for entrepreneurs weaving magic into their *work* in the world.

Lindsay wants to live in a world where appreciation flows freely, kids play outdoors and lemons are in season year round. 

Sage Contribution: A lively conversation around the virtues and practice of self-tracking and the magic of a regular gratitude practice.

Annemiek Van Helsdingen. Founder of the Soul-based Coaching Academy. Master spaceholder, Transformation Facilitator, International Coach. 

She is passionate to help people Live the Life they Came Here for. When she's not online, she loves being in the forest to connect deeply to life & the Divine - and to play. 

Sage Contribution: The art of holding space for others, in the most challenging setting life offers up - mothering!

Jane Cunningham. Conduit for Love, and Creativity Activist. Mother to two lovely daughters. 

She works with women online and in person, running workshops and one on one explorations around creativity, imagination, the power of the unconscious and story. 

Sage Contribution: The power of the unconscious story and empowering our lives through reframing the past.

Salvatore Gencarelle. Bridge between traditional healing ceremonies and the modern world. Wisdom carrier. Artist, photographer, freelance writer, musician, and former Paramedic of 17 years. 

His experience includes an intensive mentoring period that required both dedication and sacrifice, spending 17 years as a ceremonial guide, creator, and singer under the direct supervision of a Native American healer. 

Sage Contribution: Understanding the universal aspects of connection and healing that reach across cultures and time.

Dr. Jolene Brighten. Licensed Functional Medicine Naturopathic Doctor, best selling author, speaker, and mother. 

Dr. Brighten specializes in women’s health, from fertility to postpartum care, adrenal and thyroid support, autoimmune conditions, and digestive disorders. 

Sage Contribution: Tips on achieving optimum balance, health, and happiness for the stamina and vitality required to mother fully.

Vanessa Couto. Astro Coach, Artist. Considered by her clients to be their 'cosmic travel guide'. 

Through her coaching work, she helps clients see their life's story from a broader perspective, while helping them view the path ahead with insight and confidence. Her work weaves elements from depth psychology, storytelling, dreamwork and art. 

Sage Contribution: How astrology can bring another layer of understanding to our relationships with our children

Kathy Stowell: Founder of Bliss Beyond Naptime and Mama Bliss Coaching School, Creativity Coach.

Kathy supports moms who crave more self-care, creativity and simplicity in their days so they can rediscover their passions and find the clarity and focus to birth their big dreams into the world.

Sage Contribution: Creative ways to fit in your own passions and callings outside of mothering; meeting your own needs for enhanced life-bliss.

Anna Oginski. Founder of Heart Connected, LLC. Author of My New Friend Grief. Writer. Teacher. Retreat Facilitator. 

Anna's work is inspired by connections she makes between spirituality, creativity, and community. She creates opportunities for guests to tune in to their hearts and connect with the truth, wisdom, and power held there.

Sage Contribution: How making space for grief, and feeling in general, allows us to live in a richer, more meaningful way.

Rebecca Grace. Mama to the world’s best 11 year old. Wild heart guide. Connector. Herbalist. Performing Arts Educator. 

Rebecca loves to support others as they seek to reconnect the threads of their life to the larger web of nature for greater health in body, mind, spirit, family and earth. She offers online herbal training and nature connection for families. 

Sage Contribution: Tips fun in nature and herbal learning adventures for you and your child together.

And many more....

Who is this journey for?

  • The Sage Mothering journey is perfect for you if you know in your heart there is a more aligned way to be and feel in your mothering and you crave support and tools to get there.


  • This is a good fit for you if you value kindness and you're trying to set limits and hold healthy boundaries in integrity. 

  • Sage Mothering will meet you in a good way if you are truly ready to shift the dynamic in your mothering, or even just learn some new tools for healing, conflict resolution, and finding more soul and spirit in your daily life. 

  • Many Sage Mothers arrive at the threshold of this particular journey because they have already done a little (or a lot) of their own personal work and they are seeking a way to bring it all together in their mothering. 

  • If you are a leader in your life and you are seeking a circle of your peers to share this mothering journey with. Many Sage Mamas are coaches, teachers, therapists, homeschooling parents, yoga instructors, doulas, spiritual practitioners and guides...

 This is NOT a good journey for you if: 

  • You actually want to keep living life as it is right now. This journey will bring about a shift in the way you see and do life. Sometimes we honestly don’t want to change. If that’s you, I’m proud of you for knowing your truth. 

  • This is not for you if you just want to ‘fix’ your child’s behavior. Sage Mothering is all about stirring the wisdom that knows we create our experience. We, as mothers, set the tone for our homes. This is not a quick fix. 

  • You don't care for distance learning. Most women find that this incredibly accessible format suits their schedules beautifully. However, occasionally, someone will tell me they simply don't do distance learning. If that’s you, and you’re not willing to give it another try, this is not a good fit.

  • You want one-on-one family coaching. This is a group journey. I hold this journey in the highest esteem and carve out ample time to support you in our forum, by private email, and on our live calls. That said, if you know that you want to work privately, reach out for a phone conversation to explore working together in this way. *Please note: I only have the capacity to take a couple private clients per quarter.

Ready to join us? 

Our next journey begins February 2018

What the Sage Mamas have to say...

"I am loving these tools you are giving us!! Totally had an empowered conversation today and it felt great! So good to be at this point and to be able to own my feelings and ask for what I want now that I have the language. Hot damn this is liberating." 

~Kristie T.

"You are OPEN, strong, and tenacious in your belief in us, Mariah. I love that. It is like that saying that sometimes another believes for us when it seems the chrysalis is still too inflexible to release the butterfly. Not that you can do this for me. But your heart is so wide with love I can't help but make the leap into flight." 

~ Shelley Triggs, LMFT

"As a mother, a Waldorf teacher, and a practitioner of Yoga Philosophy, the teachings of Peaceful Parenting have brought together my desire to live a balanced connected life with those I love and those I care for. Mariah has given me the courage and tools to create a feeling of connection, respect and love within my family and within my classroom." 

~ Julie Hitchcock MA Child Development

"I've loved listening to your voice, to your heart, to my inner inspiration that wells up when listening. You are so authentic, so real, so beautiful in your ways - it brings tears to my eyes even as I'm writing this. I've been listening with this lump in my throat and my heart swelling. You just touch me with the way you speak and I know it's because it's so pure and so deep. Like your intention shines so clearly that it just goes straight home to my heart!! Thank you for shining a light for me" 

~ Maatla S.

Mariah has brought a warmth of heart to our daily interactions with the children. It has been through this lens that we've come together as a unified faculty. Giving structure and form to our group process has given us a common language through which we can meet the children each day and each other. Having our faculty on the same page presents a unified school and has brought growth to our parent body, the children and ourselves. Thank you for this opportunity to help our school to grow outwardly and inwardly 

~Kim Wishon, founder Wishing Well School 

 "If there is anyone I trust to talk with around parenting paradoxes like Playful Parenting, it's Mariah Joy." 

~ Cindy D.

"The creating of a container, a safe place where we can express ourselves, is one of the elements I most appreciate about Sage Mothering. Our ritual; the smudging, the meditation, the essential oil are all great tools to ground us to a place where we can journey through our work as a group. It puts us all on the same page and helps create connection amongst our sister mamas. 

~ Kyla G.

"Has working with Mariah made me the perfect mom? God, no! Is there such a thing? Instead, it has helped me see what I really want in my relationship with my daughter and how our relationship affects how she will relate to the world, all the way through adulthood. How love and forgiveness for my whole self is an essential part of the practice of parenting. And how I don't have to hide my "inner gypsy" to be a good mom." 

~ Janice Dalager

LOVE Mariah's integrity, earth-mama-ness and her fierceness when it comes to prioritizing our kids and supporting parents to create a more peaceful world! Also love the extras in this program and the VERY reasonable investment. 

~ Leslie R. 

Mariah brings humor and understanding to her work. She shares her own experiences along the parenting journey, which helps to clarify difficult situations we share with our own children. She speaks with knowledge about what is happening with our children's emotional growth, and how best to address our children's needs, and connect with them again, so we can work cooperatively with them to resolve any difficulties. 

~Stefani Bolle, Kindergarten Teacher  

Answered questions:

When do we begin? We set sail under the full moon on February 11th, 2017. Mamas will be circling up in our private Facebook group upon registration - don't miss the Early bird gems!  

Why is this course only for mothers? When women gather in a sacred container healing happens, bonds are made. From this a powerful ripple effect washes through her whole family like a soothing balm. It is my belief that mothers need time to be in circle with other mothers to fill their cup. 

Is this for mamas with young children? The Sage Mothering journey is for mothers of children of all ages, even Grandmothers and women who have not birthed their own babes. This is a powerful learning experience for anyone who is in the position of nurturing the younger generation. I've been told that this should just be required learning for life!

Can I share what I learn with my partner? Yes! Absolutely. Please share these potent practices and effective tools with your parenting partner. You may share the core frameworks of our practice, the essential parenting tools and teachings. The deeper inner work will be harder to do outside the context of Sage Mothering. You may not share the recording of our live coaching calls as these are held in confidence.

I’m worried about not having enough time to dedicate to this right now, what are your thoughts? If you are ready for a change in your mothering experience, now is the time. The years are only going faster while your child is growing older. You can take this course at your own pace if you like. We’ll even have a segment on allocating our most precious resource – time - in the most meaningful, aligned way.

What if I’m still not sure this is for me? let's check in with that voice of Truth and see what wisdom she has for you. Let me guide you: 

Join us!

Our next journey is set to begin February 2018

A Prayer for Sage Mothering...

Mother Earth and Father Sky,

Our gratitude for this day, this beautiful life. Thank you for all that makes our living possible.

May the way we walk in our mothering each day be a reflection of our prayer for the world. 

May we honor the gift of being "Mama" and give thanks to all who came before us so that we might be here now. 

May we remember that healing and peace begin at home. 

May we be strong enough to Lead only with Love and leave behind a legacy the generations yet to come are grateful to inherit. 

May we have the humility to ask for support and the bravery to accept it. 

May we know the power of tribe, and together turn the tide.  

And so it is.

Other questions?